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Taekwondo is a form of modern Korean martial arts. It is a mix of self-defense and combat methods with exercise and sports. Taekwondo is distinguishable by its emphasis on high, fast, and also spinning kicks. The name taekwondo has multiple interpretations. It can be transliterated into “the way of the hand and the foot”. The word taekwondo can be broken into three parts:

      Tae: “To block or strike with the foot”. The word also means “jump”
      K’won: “To block or strike with the hand” or fist
    Do: “The way of”. The word also mean “art”

All the three words put together translates taekwondo into “The art of punching and kicking”. It also means “The art of combat without any weapons”. The word was coined by Choi Hong Hi, whom the International Taekwondo Federation recognizes as the founder and creator of the martial art form. Taekwondo is at present one of the world’s most popular modern martial techniques.

Taekwondo disciplines

The Korean martial art form of Taekwondo consists of four basic disciplines:

      Patterns: These are of two kinds: Poomse’s and Tul’s. Poomses or Forms are techniques of attacking and defending movements performed against an imaginary opponent and is done in a predetermined pattern. It serves a number of purposes like helping in the refinement of balance, timing, rhythm, breath control, and coordination. Tul’s have 24 patterns in total that represents 24 hours of the day. First black belt consists of 10 patterns.

Self-defense: This is also called Hosinsul. It is regarded as one of the main taekwondo principles. It mixes a number of techniques like grappling or locks and defending against armed attackers.

Sparring: Rules differ in case of sparring in International Taekwondo Federation and the World Taekwondo Federation matches. It demonstrates technique control and practical applications of the sport.

Break test: This is also known as Kyepka. It is extremely popular in the demonstration of taekwondo. An object is broken in the demonstration. It is a better way to practice focus, precision, concentration, and power.

Taekwondo objectives

The main objectives of Taekwondo are as follows:

      Create an understanding for taekwondo as an art and also as a sport
      Reach physical fitness via positive participation
      Improve emotional equanimity and mental discipline
      Acquire self-defense skills
    Create a responsible outlook for one self and also for others